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Antique photographs are our portal to the past

Welcome to the official website of the Dating Antique Photographs Project. This project is funded by the Institute of Creativity, Communities and Culture at the University of Central Lancashire.

It is the aim of the project to provide knowledge of nineteenth and early twentieth century photographs to help people analyse and date these fascinating items. Antique photographs are portals to an interesting social history that needs to be uncovered.

Defining "antique"

For any item, including photographs, to be officially classified as "antique", it must have origins from at least 100 years ago (i.e. 1924 or before). If an item is between 50 and 100 years ago, then it may be referred to as "vintage."



Send copies of your antique photographs by email to and Brandon will analyse them for you.

Brandon Taylorian

Associate Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire and Project Lead for the Dating Antique Photographs Project.

Thanks for submitting!

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